Rand Paul’s Annual #Festivus on Twitter

Dr. Rand Paul has gone to Twitter for his annual #Festivus rampage and airing his grievances.  Most of these are quite humorous and tongue in cheek.  So let’s begin, of course with Donald Trump:

Here’s my favorite one so far with a shot at Ted Cruz:

Dr. Ben Carson is next up on the agenda.  Too bad this one is almost too true:

I’m not sure if this next one is a shot at Carly Fiorina, or a shot at Hillary Clinton. You can be the judge of this one:

He also took shots at Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Marco Rubio, but you can go check those ones out for yourself.  Dr. Paul then moves onto Washington after a short break.  This one angers me the most.  I recently saw a local report about subsidized housing in one particular city here in Georgia where residents get approved for low income housing, but then there is no follow up with them after they move in.  Some of the residents were currently making over $100,000 and still being allowed to stay in their homes while they had several hundred people on the waiting list that couldn’t get in:

He goes on to grieve about several other areas of waste within the government.

I encourage you to follow along at @RandPaul on Twitter.  It’s quite humorous and angering all at the same time.

Merry Christmas Everyone.


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