RNC Pictures

Here is a quick video, about 3 minutes long, that I put together of some of my pictures I took while covering the RNC last week. 



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1 Response to RNC Pictures

  1. madcat says:

    Gotta love the InfoWars team !!!!!!!! Too bad things never really got out of hand like so many people had thought it would. I mean that’s ‘good’ for the people but sucks for media coverage…people love ‘dirty laundry’..people love chaos.. . ever wonder ‘why’ that is? So much more entertaining to look at the ‘negative’ in the world than the good things going on.Lucky for the media..’the world’s on fire’… now if only we had more ACTUAL journalists. KUDOS to the REAL ‘beat’ reporters….. they’re the ones truly ‘working’.. maybe true journalism can make a comeback…..


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