DNC Hiring People to Fill Seats Left by Bernie Supporters

After getting some flack about a half empty Wells Fargo arena from Tuesday night, the DNC has posted ads on Craigslist to pay people to fill the empty seats. The ads offer $50 per night and ask the bodies to dress appropriately, hold up signs, wear some promotional material and clap at appropriate times. 

This is after many of the Bernie supporters, including most of the California delegates walked out after Hillary Clinton won the nomination on Tuesday night. Many of the major networks did not show the crowd on Tuesday night during Bill Clinton’s speech, but from many reports, the arena was half empty. 

This is just another example of how the Democratic Party intends on deceiving the American people. 

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1 Response to DNC Hiring People to Fill Seats Left by Bernie Supporters

  1. madcat says:

    $50? well a guy called into the Herman Cain show today,here in Atlanta, and explained that he too was from the Atlanta area, he had been up in Philadelphia until he had to catch a flight home last night. He explained that prior to his flight, he and his buddy were at a bar near the convention center prior to him having to leave to catch his flight. He explained that while they were sitting there a woman approached their table and sat down beside them, some pleasantries were exchanged and then she asked them what their plans were for the night and they had responded as if they really had no plans. She had inquired as to ‘how they felt’ about Bernie and as soon as they answered that they were not Bernie supporters,she asked them if they would be interested in going to the DNC that night and gave them EACH $200 to do so. the guy who called in and told the story explained that well ‘heck ya i took the $200 even though I knew I woudn’t be able to go!’ (well WHO wouldn’t!!!!!?!) His friend did go and attend the convention these people were all paid to be ‘seat fillers’ to ensure the convention center was filled to capacity. It was mainly done, and apparently the DNC campaign started this early on ,before 5pm , to ensure that the seats would be filled before the Bernie supporters would even begin to show up to sit thru the speakers at the convention. It was all done to ensure that they would not be able to exercise their right to free speech during Obama’s speech and to disguise the fact, as many of us noticed the night before, that the arena would be half empty due to the Bernie supporters having fully come to realize that they had been duped. word is, today, that many of these Bernie supporters who are now ‘feeling the Burn’ from being duped are now being compelled to vote for Trump. they admit they may not like what he has been saying but at least he hasn’t been lying. I say ‘GOD BLESS AMERICA!’


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