Patriots Speak out at America First Rally at RNC

I was able to attend the America First Rally on Monday morning to kick off the week of the RNC in Cleveland and speak to several people before the event started and asked them why they were there and many of them were very open.  Just about everyone there had an opinion on Hillary “For Prison” Clinton and shared their views.

Alex Jones from made and appearance and had some great things to say, but really stressed that he appreciated everyone being there.  All the patriots standing up against tyranny and the globalists.  Eric Andres’ also made an appearance and attempted to overshadow the event by making a disturbance off to the side, so Alex just went ahead and invited him up on stage with him.  Mr. Andres’ attempted to be funny and tell Alex that he wanted him to go have sex with his wife and offered him his hotel key.


Later on, we even got an appearance from Roger Stone Jr., who is a very close friend and insider with Donald J. Trump.

All in all, it was a great event to kick off the week with some high energy.

I will have the Roger Stone Jr. video out soon.


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