“Operation Plugged In” to Launch In Brookhaven -Surveilance System-

The city of Brookhaven, GA, is all set to launch what they call, “Operation Plugged In” which is a voluntary option for the cities residents and businesses.  Essentially what they are asking is for residents and businesses in the city to give access to their security cameras at all times to help fight crime and make the city safer.  This would mean that at any time, the city could access your security cameras in your home and/or business.  I ask, what could possibly go wrong with that?

Police Chief, Gary Yandura says, “We want to make this a safer city for all of us.”  He claims that only the Police Department would have access to your security camera website, but as we have seen, there is corruption and misuse everywhere as it involves human beings.  I don’t buy the fact that only the police would be accessing it.  Just imagine, you’re sitting at home, and some officer decides to head home with your login and password information and decides to watch you while you’re at home?  Again, what could go wrong here?  I just can’t imagine having to be conscious of that at all times while I’m at home.

They say that they don’t have a current plan to monitor these live feeds at all times, but I’m sure at some point they will be and they plan on achieving your footage to view at a later time.  So now they will be able to go back years and check out how many times you cleaned your gun on the kitchen table, or even be able to see how many guns you have in your storage safe, for example.  Or they can go back and see how often you spank your kids.  I can go on and on with these.  What examples can you think of?

Here’s the kicker to the whole situation, Councilmember Joe Gebbia said he wants to mandate business in “hot spots” to install video cameras?  What?  He wants to force a business to spend money on a camera system so the powers that be can monitor it?  He says, “If you get 3 calls, boom, you have to put in cameras because we don’t have the resources.  I do think they should be mandatory in hot spots.”  Wow.

Where do privacy issues come into play?  Where does a free society come into play?

City manager, Christian Sigman suggested that at some point in the future they might change building codes to make it mandatory that businesses install a camera system.  More Big Brother watching your every move.  How much more “1984” are we going to have?

Note, I have to thank Dyana Bagby for portions of this article.

You can see more at: http://www.reporternewspapers.net/2016/08/10/brookhaven-police-ready-implement-operation-plugged-camera-surveillance-system/

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1 Response to “Operation Plugged In” to Launch In Brookhaven -Surveilance System-

  1. madcat says:

    Our society has become so complacent. Too many people wandering around with the ‘I ain;t doing anything wrong so what’s the big deal?’ attitudes. Maybe you aren’t…….until they say that you are. Why anyone would want this in their house is beyond my comprehension. ZERO PRIVACY. With all the stories you hear of people being recorded without consent on the news…. and how photos .videos get slapped up on the internet all of the time….. and what? and I do not mean to have this considered to be a bashing of police officers cuz I have the utmost repsect for MOST of them.however, they are just people.and their are bad ,sick ,twisted people in every organization . how many reports have we all heard, and how many people are ‘stunned’ and ‘in complete shock’ when someone they thought was just a normal,quiet, good person, or an upstanding member of a community and all of a sudden they have criminal charges brought up against them for rape, or sexual harassment,or child porn etc…?? Yet ‘go ahead’ and mount video cameras all over my house and blindly think and convince yourselves that ‘it won;t happen to me’. Go ahead. This is even worse than ‘reality TV’.. Everyone’s a star…. This is one of the most ridiculous things i have heard of as of late… people who think this is a good idea evidently completely lack in the ‘critical thinking’ department. Good luck to you, the sheeple…. You agree to be under constant freaking surveillance??! That is complete idiocy! Find a communist country to go live in then.. move to a country where your liberties are so limited you’d wish you weren’t even born. and spend your days waiting to die. ..hoping you die ‘soon’. this is AMERICA…. you won;t catch me giving up my FREEDOMS for ANYTHING! Give me liberty or give me death..


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