Is Hillary drinking Thickened Water to Combat Dysphagia Resulting From Stroke or Parkinson’s Disease?

Yesterday in Cleveland Ohio, Hillary Clinton experienced another a 2 minute long coughing spell while on stage giving a speech and later had another one while attempting to take questions from reporters while on her plane.

During the first event, we witness Hillary drinking from a glass of water, and not from a bottle and someone coming up and handing her something that she puts into her mouth.

In the second incident on the plane, we see someone hand her a bottle of water which she refuses to drink, but instead waits for someone to hand her a glass of water instead.  Could it just be that she doesn’t trust bottled water hand to her by someone?  Is she trying to stay away from BPA plastic bottles?  I doubt either of those are the answer here.


After doing some research, I think I may have found out the answer.  Hillary is drinking “thickened water” due to Dysphagia which is (from Dysphagia is a medical term that refers to difficulty with swallowing. Dysphagic patients are at an increased risk for developing aspiration pneumonia because the foods and fluids that they consume may inadvertently enter their lungs.)  You can read more here:

More from that post:  This type of dysphagia is very common since it strikes nearly one-third of patients who have had cerebrovascular accidents (strokes), more than one-half of patients with Parkinson’s disease, and more than three-fourths of patients who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Also, more than one-half of all elderly institutionalized patients have some degree of oropharyngeal dysphagia.

So is Hillary drinking thickened fluids to help combat her issues swallowing regular water?  There has already been several links to her having a stroke, concussion, and perhaps even Parkinson’s disease, so this seems to make sense. Just putting puzzle pieces together here

This from the National Center for research Health.

Reducing Swallowing Problems by Making Liquids Thicker

Thickened drinks are normal drinks that have a thickener added to make them thicker. They are often recommended for people who can no longer swallow normal fluids safely, because drinks go into their lungs, causing coughing, choking or more serious risks such as a chest infection and aspiration pneumonia.

The goal of “thickeners” is to make all liquids, including beverages and soups, a thicker consistency that is less likely to cause aspiration. Thicker liquids travel more slowly down the throat and that makes them easier to control. If someone with swallowing problems drinks water, juice, or coffee, it can travel down the throat so quickly that the muscles and nerves used for swallowing don’t act quickly enough, and some of the liquid can get into the lungs. Thickened drinks move more slowly, giving the body more time to control and direct the fluid toward the stomach.

It is about time that we get some real answers about her health.  We’ve had way too many issues with the health of Presidents in the past, we shouldn’t be electing one who potentially has serious health questions even before voting begins.

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3 Responses to Is Hillary drinking Thickened Water to Combat Dysphagia Resulting From Stroke or Parkinson’s Disease?

  1. madcat says:

    I’m not a doctor, but I’d speculate, as many others have, that her little ‘concussion’ incident was much more than a concussion… I’d speculate she most likely had a ‘mini stroke’ or is suffering from dementia in some form…… But with her ‘memory issues’ having presented themselves as they had when she supposedly suffered this concussion..and the continued obvious ‘memory issues’ she suffers from…..well, this woman has zero business holding the highest office in the country. Her medical issues are so obvious..

    The BIGGER UNANSWERED QUESTION is ‘WHO THE HECK CLEARED HER’ as being able to perform her ‘duties’ as Secretary of State???!!!!!!! ??????? Did she pay off her doctors with money from Bills speeches or from donations given to the Bill Hillary and sometimes Chelsey Clinton Crime Foundation funds? ‘Someone out there’ knows the truth and needs to share it with the class.


  2. T C says:

    If she was drinking thickened liquid it would look like a gelatin-y sludge. It doesn’t look at all like regular water.


  3. Cat says:

    As a speech language pathologist who has tested and treated many people with dysphagia, let me add a bit of info. The thickness is infinitely variable. It just depends on how much of the thickening powder is added to the liquid. It can be like nectar, honey, pudding, and anything in between. She could be aspirating on her own saliva, though, and taking a thickened drink after that kind of coughing doesn’t help her other than as a cover or stalling technique. I wonder if she has been seen drinking or eating at a meal recently, and if any precautions were noticeable.


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