Hillary Clinton Has Fainting Spell, Campaign claims its Pneumonia

Hillary Clinton attended the 9/11 Memorial event today in New York, but had to leave early as she was rushed out and helped by several people to get into a van.

Several videos have finally surfaced showing how she clearly had to be aided to move the few feet from the sidewalk into the van.  The one video clearly shows her feet nor working on their own and appear to be dragging.




Hillary’s campaign released the following statement from Dr. Lisa R. Bardack, M.D.:

If she indeed has pneumonia, she should be resting and not going anywhere.  I’m no doctor, but I know that much.  And if she was diagnosed on Friday, why are they just releasing a statement today?  I’m not buying it.

The media has come with every type of explanation for this incident, recapped by this tweet from Mike Cernovich:

So what happens if Hillary is found too ill to continue?  Here is the rules from the DNC Article 2:

So really what that says, in Section 1, part C is that they can replace Hillary with whoever they want?  Is Joe Biden next one in?  Tim Kaine?  Bernie Sanders?  I think the Bernie Sanders supporters would have a fit if it wasn’t him, don’t you agree?


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