Decision Expected by 6 pm today by DNC to Replace Hillary Clinton

This morning Rebekah Worsham Tweeted this out at 7:12 AM.

She has a golden source within to the Clinton campaign and I trust her report from this source.

Keep an eye on this all day.  It seems like the key questions are;

A) Will Hillary actually decide to step away because it’s her call.  They cannot kick her off of the ticket.  She has to resign as the Democratic nominee for President of the United States via Article 2, section (c) of the rules.

B)  Who will they decide to replace her?   Some think it will be Joe Biden, while others think it should be Bernie Sanders.  There has been a lot of talk for the last 18 months or so of Joe Biden getting into the race late and “Saving the Day” for the democrats, so was this the plan all along? Doubtful, but perhaps they always knew they had that ace up their sleeves.

Bernie supporters still feel that he should be the nominee since he had more followers than Hillary, he never actually conceded to Hillary and other reasons here:

Some Bernie supporters have even said if they don’t select him, they will be voting for Donald J. Trump, which may have a huge effect on the final outcome.  I think Bernie supporters will get even more vocal than they have in the past, even more so than during the outside the DNC in Philadelphia back in July.

This should be another interesting day.  I’ve been saying all along that this General Election process was going to be very interesting and nothing like we have ever seen.

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