Georgia and Southeast Running Out of Gas Following a Pipeline Spill in Alabama

After a pipeline began leaking in Alabama last week, the supply of gas to most of the Southeast United States, including Georgia is running out of gas, and unsure of when the next shipment is coming.

I just returned from a 2 hour trip to local gas stations within a few miles of me, and of the 8 places I checked, 4 places are already out of gas, 2 places only had regular unleaded, and the other 2 still had gas with increased prices.  The standard rate for regular unleaded at all 4 places was $2.39 per gallon, compared to $2.22 that I paid yesterday, that’s and increase of $.17 in the last 24 hours.  Yesterday on the local news, they said not to worry about, it’s not a big deal, and now today this is happening.  Even one of Georgia’s largest and most popular stations, QT is out of gas.


It has also been reported to me that gas is hard to find in Nashville,

and price gouging in Jasper, GA, of which I have not vetted yet and still waiting confirmation of.

It has also been reported to me from a friend in Asheville, NC that they are limiting purchases to a maximum of $20.

The local Kroger Gas station near me was out of gas at one point today and received a shipment of 10,000 gallons around 5:00 pm today and as of 8:00 pm, they had 5,000 gallons left.  Based on traffic, they expect to be sold out by the time they close at 11 pm.  When I asked the attendant as to when they expected another shipment, all I got was a shoulder shrug.

This will be a true test of Georgians and Americans to see how they react to a “catastrophe” that they are not prepared for.  Will violence erupt in the fight for gas?  It surely will.  Road rage at the gas station.  Will schools close?  Probably…no gas to put in the buses…parents have to stay home, even if they had gas to get to work.  Does the police force have enough gas to patrol the streets?  Ambulance and Fire? What happens when none of these cannot operate?  Think about it.  Prepare.  Prepare.  Prepare.


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1 Response to Georgia and Southeast Running Out of Gas Following a Pipeline Spill in Alabama

  1. madcat says:

    World’s on Fire. Actually it’s turning into more of a raging INFERNO. Makes me think of that White Zombie song…. C’mon C’mon the motherf’ers on fire. cut thru the bone and cut thru the wire….

    and they also ask ‘who will survive’?……… good freaking question.


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