Google De-Listing Conservative News sites Including

Copied from as their links are being sent down Google’s search results. (Not that mine will be higher, but….had to share)

HUGE GOOGLE LEAK: SEARCH GIANT LAUNCHES PLANS TO DE-LIST CONSERVATIVE SITESInfowars and others to be de-listed from Google search index – APRIL 17, 2017

Huge Google Leak: Search Giant Launches Plans To De-list Conservative Sites. 

Google has hired contractors to remove from its search engines.

All contractors have been instructed to actively rate InfoWars as a low quality and untrusted site.

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1 Response to Google De-Listing Conservative News sites Including

  1. Anonymous says:

    Google users think they are going to get results based only on what they type into the search bar. In reality, Google’s algorithms will divert the search based on “trigger-words” for that minute, hour, day or week. When the algorithms see these “trigger-words” typed into the search bar, they divert the query to a different set of limited results. They are predominately using this technique with political  results to limit the exposure of the truth or direct the results to more favorable towards the political progressive left.

    The next time there is a breaking news story that might empower the Republicans or make a Democrat look bad (for example Hillary’s emails being found or Anthony Weiner’s sex scandal) Compare your search results across all of the other search engines by inputting the same thing into each search bar. You will eventually see this diversion occur with your results on Google.

    Google is the largest Corporation in the world. It, along with Facebook now has the personal information of almost everyone in the United States and can deliver whatever results they want to 100% of those people.

    Look at it another way…….  Google profits by selling services to get your website to the top of the list of search results. If they delivered the results solely based on what you typed in, they would not profit from those ranking services. For example if you type “wood to remember” into Bing it brings you to the company “Wood To Remember”. However if you type in “wood to remember” into Google you get: “REMEMBER BETTY”?!!! 

    I use google as little as possible but they have so many services and have such a monopoly in the industry that you’ll eventually use their services somewhere. Better to know the differences in search engines and your search successes will be more complete!


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