YouTube Terminated My Channel Over Vaccine Videos

YouTube terminated my channel this past Thursday, March 7 2019 for what it seems is posting “Anti-Vaccine” videos.

First, a little background about my channel.  I created my channel sometime in 2015 and honestly, I wasn’t very active, nor popular.  I began by posting videos of some events I had attended held by Michelle Ford in front of the CDC headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.  These events were intended to influence congress to hear testimony from whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson.  In all honesty, I never really got too many views or activity on these videos.

I also had some other videos of attending a Planned Parenthood protest, and 1 video of myself trying to investigate the Medinah Village in Commerce, Georgia.  Most of my content was from when I attended the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio in July of 2016.

Since August or September of 2016, I rarely, if ever posted any videos on my channel, until around Valentine’s day of 2019.  Owen Shroyer from encouraged me to start to use my channel as a platform to get the Infowars content on YouTube.  YouTube had previously terminated  Alex Jones and Infowars from their channels in August of 2018.

At the time that I started downloading and uploading that content to YouTube, I had 68 subscribers on my channel.  Not very many.  I began doing this, like I said, right around Valentines Day of 2019.  Each day I would upload the entire Alex Jones show, perhaps a couple of shorter clips.  For the first few days, I started to see both the amount of views, and my number of subscribers grow.  The video I posted on February 17 received around 11,000 views (the last I was able to check before it was gone) and I was up to around 616 subscribers (again the last time I saw).  The next day, within 30 minutes of me posted the days show, I was hit with 2 Content ID claims, 1 From CBS, and the other from Comedy Central (The Daily Show).  My video for that day was blocked from being viewed after about 400 views.  Owen Shroyer was the host of the show that day and had  played clips of various things as everyone tends to do when reporting the news.  One clip in particular was from The Daily Show.  I appealed the decision to block that video, but my appeal was denied.

This similar process continued for the next couple of weeks as just about every video I posted would get hit with a Content ID claim, but I wouldn’t get blocked.  By the way, I was not attempting to monetize these videos.  The one thing I began noticing was that I wasn’t even close to getting as many views as I was for the first week.  I was going from 7K, 8K, 11K etc. down to barely 4-500 views and my subscriber base was not increasing like it was.  I was gaining around 100 new subscribers per day the first week, to maybe 2 or 3 a day for the next 2 weeks.

Now to the reason that I think I was terminated.  I posted a video in October of 2015 that was around 90 minutes long  The video was of several speakers at a CDC Truth event held at Grant Park in Atlanta, Georgia.  Included in that video were clips of Michell Ford, Tony Muhammed, Dr. Toni Bark, Robert F Kennedy Jr, and others.  The basis of the event was to shed light on the truths and misinformation regarding vaccines, and vaccine damages.

Moving on.  I had heard that several of the top social media networks were speaking of and rolling out banning any anti-vaccine information on their platforms.  So…I decided to test this out.  I took 2 shorter clips of that 90 minute video, which had been on my channel for 3 plus year mind you, and reposted them on my channel.  The first clip I posted was a 20 minute speech from Robert F Kennedy Jr.  In that clip, he clearly states that he is “Pro Vaccine.” I believe I posted that video on Sunday March 3.  The second video I posted was a 10 or 12 minute clip of Dr. Toni Bark speaking of which I posted on Monday, March 4.

On Thursday I received 3 emails from Google/YouTube all 1 minute apart, 2:13 pm, 2:14 pm and 2:15 pm.  The first email  was informing me that my Google account had been disabled.  The second email was this: IMG_0780.jpg

So they removed the same video that I had previously discussed regarding the Content ID claims and was already blocked from viewing.

1 minute later, I received this email:IMG_0781.PNG

Of course they’ve never told me how my “activity violated our Terms of Service.”

Of course I appealed their decision, and got this very detailed (sarcasm) reply:IMG_0782.jpg

Even though the original removal of the Alex Jones video was removed, I firmly believe that once the complaint on that video was addressed, they looked at the rest of my channel and I was removed because of the 2 previous videos I talked about.

Previous to my termination,  I had no strikes, no warnings, no suspensions and no “time outs.”

Social media censorship is real.

Of course, I already had a backup YouTube channel ready to go.  I currently have a whopping 3 subscribers.  You can follow me at Liberty Warrior 9 on YouTube.  I thank you in advance for the sub.

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