Joe Biggs Still Needs Your Help

Based on what we heard from the sham January 6 Select Committee on Thursday night, it seems fairly obvious that they intend on making Staff Sargeant Joe Biggs as their main character of their story. I’ve said all along thru this process that this would be the case. Joe, along with the other Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers are the cases the government are focusing on the most. These are the cases they want to win. They desire to show the rest of us peasants that’s we’re better off keeping quiet and bow down to their tyrannical ways.

The Proud Boys case is currently scheduled to go to trial on August 8th, but I see that as highly unlikely at this time. Lead prosecutor, Jason McCullough threw out the idea at this past Thursday’s hearing of the possibility of the J6 Select Committee releasing 1000’s of pages of new documents, in what would be the middle of this trial. He basically suggested, but claimed that he didn’t suggest it, that this trial date may need to be vacated, or pushed back to a later date. He claims that they are not currently in procession of these documents, and Judge Kelly ordered them to release the documents within 24 hours of their receipt of them.

With all of this information in mind, I still firmly believe that this case will not go to trial on August 8th of this year. In fact, the chances of this case sitting before a jury in 2022 are getting slimmer by the day. This means we will be approaching the 2 year mark for pre-trial detainment before they see day 1 in a courtroom before a jury.

Joe Biggs’ Veteran Affairs (VA) funds have been suspended as per rule since he has been incarcerated for an extended period of time. Joe, and his family had been relying on those incoming funds as bills are still due, and payments have to be kept up on. It is now more important than ever for Joe’s family to receive some assistance.

You can help Joe and his family by donating to his GiveSendGo page here:

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