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4 Easy Ways to Donate to Joe Biggs

Joe Biggs is still currently in trial and is facing up to 20+ years in prison for charges filed against him for actions related to the events at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. Even though the trial is … Continue reading

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Former Infowars Reporter, Joe Biggs Needs Your Help as he’s facing the Tyrannical DOJ

February 28, 2023 Former Infowars reporter, Joe Biggs is still being detained at the Alexandria Detention Center in Alexandria, Virginia and is in the middle of his trial against Biden’s corrupt and tyrannical DOJ. It’s estimated that they are currently … Continue reading

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Joe Biggs Still Needs Your Help

Based on what we heard from the sham January 6 Select Committee on Thursday night, it seems fairly obvious that they intend on making Staff Sargeant Joe Biggs as their main character of their story. I’ve said all along thru … Continue reading

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America has become full of Lazy and Fearful people

In this video I try and break down how, in my area I’ve started to see lots of places closing early, closed on days they should be open and an overall lack of staffing. Or being able to find staffing. … Continue reading

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As many of you know, Joe Biggs has been locked up in the Seminole County Correctional Facility in Sanford, FL since April 22nd. He has been charged with several crimes related to the events in and around the US Capitol … Continue reading

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Magnatized Meat and People. Searching for answers and asking questions.

After first hearing about magnets sticking to chicken breast last Tuesday, and then later realizing that magnets and metal objects were sticking to people, I have spent numerous hours trying to find out why this is happening. I don’t really … Continue reading

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Magnets and Metal Sticking to Beef, Poultry and Even Humans. What’s Happening Here?

In recent weeks and months there have been several videos circulating on the internet of magnets sticking to people’s shoulders where they have received the COVID-19 Vaccination. I hesitate even using the word, vaccination because that’s not really what it … Continue reading

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Joe Biggs Update

Joe Biggs, formerly of Infowars has been held in the Seminole County Jail in Florida since April 22, 2021 for actions related to the Jan 6 event at the US Capitol building. He was initially approved for bail and was … Continue reading

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Breaking! Hillary and Nancy Announce Offical Plans To Contest Election and Fracture Nation

It’s official: Dems willing to collapse country entirely – beyond the rioting and lockdowns – to take out Trump. This is a dangerous move by Democrats that will collapse America unless people stand up and resist: Breaking! Hillary and Nancy … Continue reading

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YouTube Terminated My Channel Over Vaccine Videos

YouTube terminated my channel this past Thursday, March 7 2019 for what it seems is posting “Anti-Vaccine” videos. First, a little background about my channel.  I created my channel sometime in 2015 and honestly, I wasn’t very active, nor popular.  … Continue reading

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