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Dead Center Gun Range Broken Into

This morning about 5:15 am a Dodge truck backed in thru the side wall of the store and 5 people with masks on got inside, broke into some gun cases and got away with several handguns and rifles. The entire … Continue reading

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Oregon shooter talks about his plans in chat room and posted videos?

I was sent some information from a friend with potential information from the suspected Oregon shooter talking about his plans for his attack at the school today.  Of course we don’t know for sure if this is him, but it … Continue reading

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My story, Tampa Area Recruitment Centers Ordered to Leave their Offices

Yesterday (July 24, 2015) about noon eastern, I received call from my son who is currently down in Plant City, Florida.  He called to let me know that his roommate, who is his former sergeant in the Army and is … Continue reading

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Standing Guard since Obama won’t. 

Numerous people across the U.S. are out in front of recruitment centers defending our military over the last few days. This is a heroic event that’s taking place. I pledge allegiance to all of these fine people. In line with … Continue reading

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Joe Biggs in Atlanta today at Adventure Outdoors

I had a great opportunity to meet Joe Biggs today. I would follow this guy anywhere.  It was an absolute pleasure to meet him and get a chance to talk him for a while before it got crazy packed in … Continue reading

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Problem, Reaction, Solution….the Government Plan

Do you ever wonder how or why the government does what it does?   Look at anything, and put these 3 words to it, problem, reaction, solution, and it will almost always apply to the situation. I’ll tell you what … Continue reading

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Entire Federal Martial Law Plan Exposed

One of the best videos Alex Jones has ever put out.  After years of gathering intel, writing articles, making movies, doing his radio and TV news report, Alex compiles years of information to show how the police state has been … Continue reading

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Fake Gun Store in NYC blames the gun to First Time Gun buyers

This story really pisses me off.  These people are always on the side that it’s the guns fault, and not the person behind it.  It’s funny how in their video that they show the “customers reaction” but how do we … Continue reading

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ATF Backs Off from “Green Tip” AR-15 Ammo……for now

This is from Katie Pavlich and ….this isn’t over by any means.   They will find another way….BUT if we keep fighting against their evil schemes, their backdoor illegal activities, their Un-Constitutional activities, we can defeat them. Keep pushing … Continue reading

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Obama banning AR-15 Ammo

Dumass Obama today made another move into banning ammo…for the most popular weapon owned by gun owners…the AR-15. A majority of AR-15’s use .223 Remington or 5.56 NATO. Very similar rounds. And since the rat bastard can’t ban the guns, … Continue reading

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