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Patriots Speak out at America First Rally at RNC

I was able to attend the America First Rally on Monday morning to kick off the week of the RNC in Cleveland and speak to several people before the event started and asked them why they were there and many … Continue reading

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RNC Pictures

Here is a quick video, about 3 minutes long, that I put together of some of my pictures I took while covering the RNC last week.  Enjoy

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BBC Claims French Priest Fell on Peaceful Visitors Knife

How dare they even try and report such a thing?  Why hide that ISIS claimed responsibility?  Several witnesses, including a nun have come out and said that the killer made the priest get on his knees before slicing his throat.  … Continue reading

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Uber pickups at ATL Airport, Big Gov Stepping In

Here is a short video I made regarding a news story I just saw on WSB here in Atlanta. A little background on this first: Currently it is legal for Uber/Lyft to drop off at the airport, but NOT for … Continue reading

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VA Disability Fraud?

I’m working on a story about fraud when it comes to receiving VA Disability benefits and what I’ve found so far has blown me away.  If you have a personal story, good or bad about receiving benefits, I’d love to … Continue reading

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Uber and Lyft back out of Austin after vote to fingerprint drivers

Yesterday the citizens of Austin, TX had the opportunity to vote on Proposition 1, which in effect was a rule requiring all Uber and Lyft drivers to submit to a fingerprint background check in order to operate and pick up … Continue reading

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Georgia: Last Two Gulen Charter Schools in the State Are Closed

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
The Fulton County school board in Georgia voted to end its connection with the last two Gulen charter schools in the state. ? The Gulen schools, one of the largest chains in the…

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