Israeli scientist’s who claim they have the cure for Cancer will be vilified in due time – Mike Adams

(Natural News) The moment that Israeli scientists announced they had discovered a universal cancer cure that worked with a single injection and required no toxic chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery, I said to myself, “The cancer industry is going to destroy this team of scientists.”
In exactly the same way that the scientists who announced the discovery of cold fusion in 1989 were vilified and slandered out of existence, the cancer establishment will destroy, discredit and defame any scientist who dares go public with the truth about reversing or curing cancer. (Read for daily news updates on cancer therapies that work.)
In fact, the attacks on the Israeli scientists have already begun. (See my video, below, for a full report.)
“Our cancer cure will be effective from day one, will last a duration of a few weeks and will have no or minimal side-effects at a much lower cost than most other treatments on the market,” lead researcher Dan Aridor told the Jerusalem Post. “We believe we will offer in a year’s time a complete cure for cancer.”
Almost immediately, the cancer establishment — run by wealthy, treacherous liars and villains who profit by denying humanity access to cancer prevention and cancer reversal treatments — began a massive negative P.R. campaign to smear the Israeli scientists. This campaign will continue to escalate until these scientists are declared fraudsters and quacks, denied all funding and completely vilified on Wikipedia, Scientific American and everywhere else. This is how the cancer establishment operates.
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The cancer industry works overtime to vilify and destroy the careers of all scientists who discover cancer cures
Have no doubts that these medical researchers will be vilified, de-funded, publicly smeared, defamed and ultimately labeled a fraud. This is how the cancer industry — and the vaccine industry — always operates: Keep the disease going, and smear anyone who attempts to help humanity.
Why do you think Natural News is smeared by the cancer establishment? For all the same reasons: We help people reverse cancer, avoid cancer and stay healthy without resorting to toxic chemotherapy interventions that actually cause cancer.
Make no mistake: The last thing the cancer industry would ever want is a CURE for cancer. It would cost them billions in annual profits and put millions of people out of work worldwide.
In fact, the cancer industry does everything in its power to make sure cancer continues to get worse. Nearly every cancer “treatment” offered by the medical establishment, for example, is widely known to cause more cancer. (Chemotherapy and radiation.)
The cancer industry is a parasite on humanity, and it actively works against anyone who tries to educate the public about cancer prevention or help save lives with cancer reversal strategies that don’t make patients sick.

Watch my full report in this week’s hard-hitting Counterthink episode
Each week, I post a new Counterthink video that dares to tell the truth about a crucial issue that’s impacting our lives right now. This week’s episode covers the Israeli cancer cure and why the for-profit cancer industry is working double time to try to discredit and destroy the work of the Israeli scientists who made their announcement.
Watch it now, exclusively at, the online destination for free speech videos:


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Health Ranger YT Page Shut Down

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Amazon Removing Reviews from Hillary Clinton’s “What Happened”

Hillary Clinton’s latest book, “What Happened” which is a personal account to the 2016 election cycle was released yesterday, and Amazon had been aggressively removing negative reviews. 

At 1:14 eastern time today, I happened to check out the reviews on and noticed that it currently had 1857 reviews and had 3 stars. 29% of the reviews were 1 star.  

Just 1 hour later, I checked it again, and the total reviews were down to only 707, and now had a 4 star rating. That’s a removal of 1150 reviews. 

By 4:45, total reviews were at 433, and had gone up to a 5 star rating.  The 1 star ratings were down to only 1% of the ratings. 

Amazon is claiming that they are only posting reviews from Verified Purchasers, which in my knowledge, they have never done before for any item. 

Make up your own mind as to what is happening and why it’s happening. 

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5 Things You May Not Know About Aspartame

From a post in 2014, but it’s always good to remind ourselves how bad Aspartame is.
(NaturalNews) The controversy surrounding one of the world’s most popular artificial sweeteners, aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal), continues some 30 years after the chemical was rammed through the regulatory process by pharmaceutical interests, despite its well-documented dangers. And yet to this very day, many people are still unaware of the chemical sweetener’s sordid history, not to mention what aspartame is actually made from and how it affects the body and brain.
To many, aspartame is just another FDA-approved sugar alternative that has to be safe, otherwise it wouldn’t be on the market. But the truth about aspartame is much more sinister, including how the chemical sweetener gained market approval And there’s so much more to the aspartame story that you’ve probably never heard before, thanks to government collusion with powerful drug interests.
1) Aspartame is converted by the body into formaldehyde, a cancer-causing chemical.

Composed of three unique compounds, aspartame is a synergistically toxic chemical, meaning the sum of its individual parts is exponentially more toxic than each one by itself. And yet even in isolation, the three main constituents found in aspartame — aspartic acid, phenylalanine, and methanol — are idiosyncratically toxic in their own right.
Free methanol in particular is highly toxic, converting first into formaldehyde and then into formic acid upon consumption. Unlike the methanol found in alcoholic beverages and various fruits and vegetables, the methanol produced by aspartame is not accompanied by ethanol, which acts as a protector against methanol poisoning. By itself, methanol embalms living tissues and damages DNA, and can cause lymphoma, leukemia, and other forms of cancer.
2) Aspartame causes obesity and metabolic syndrome.

Artificial sweeteners are typically viewed as a safe alternative to sugar, which many people now recognize as a cause of weight gain and metabolic disorders like diabetes when consumed in excess. But a number of scientific studies have found that chemicals like aspartame are perhaps even more damaging, as they promote weight gain in ways unrelated to caloric intake.
A study published in the journal Appetite back in 2013 found that compared to sucrose, a form of sugar, aspartame is actually worse in terms of promoting weight gain. Similar research published in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine (YJBM) found that aspartame alters the body’s natural production of hormones, increasing both appetite and sugar cravings.
3) Reagan-appointed FDA commissioner helped get aspartame approved despite evidence showing its toxicity.

Believe it or not, aspartame was an accidental discovery made by scientists working on the development of an ulcer drug for G.D. Searle and Company, a pharmaceutical corporation that was later acquired by Monsanto in 1985. When researchers discovered that the chemical had a sweet taste, G.D. Searle presented it to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for commercial approval.
But the earliest safety studies conducted on the chemical found that it caused grand mal seizures and death in monkeys, findings that were withheld from the FDA. When FDA scientists discovered on their own that aspartame was unsafe, G.D. Searle made a strategic move, waiting for a new FDA commissioner appointed by the late Ronald Reagan to force the chemical through the approval process.
The details of this political transaction are spelled out in the following document posted at the FDA’s own website, but suffice it to say that aspartame was never proven to be safe. It was only through corruption that this artificial sweetener ended up making its way into more than 9,000 consumer products, many of which still contain it today:
4) Aspartame is made from the feces of genetically-modified (GM) E. coli bacteria.

Another disturbing fact about aspartame is that it is produced from the feces of genetically-modified E. coli bacteria. Similar to the fermentation process, E. coli are modified with special genes that cause them to produce unnaturally high levels of a special enzyme that, as a byproduct, produces the phenylalanine needed for aspartame production.
5) Aspartame crosses the blood-brain barrier, potentially causing permanent brain damage.

Aspartame is composed of roughly 40 percent aspartic acid, a free-form amino acid that has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. When excess amounts of this compound via aspartame enter the body, brain cells are bombarded with an excess of calcium. The result is neural cell damage and even cell death, which can lead to serious brain damage.
In extreme cases, exposure to aspartic acid, also known as aspartate, can cause neurological conditions like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease, and is also implicated in causing diseases like multiple sclerosis (MS) and dementia. Endocrine disorders, or imbalanced or inadequate hormone production, are also linked to so-called “excitotoxin” exposure, or exposure to free-form amino acids like aspartate that overstimulate the brain.
Sources for this article include:

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Google De-Listing Conservative News sites Including

Copied from as their links are being sent down Google’s search results. (Not that mine will be higher, but….had to share)

HUGE GOOGLE LEAK: SEARCH GIANT LAUNCHES PLANS TO DE-LIST CONSERVATIVE SITESInfowars and others to be de-listed from Google search index – APRIL 17, 2017

Huge Google Leak: Search Giant Launches Plans To De-list Conservative Sites. 

Google has hired contractors to remove from its search engines.

All contractors have been instructed to actively rate InfoWars as a low quality and untrusted site.

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REAL ID Rules Apply Starting January 2018. What you need to know. Are you ready?

REAL ID, enacted by the 109th Congress in 2005 is set to become effective starting January 22, 2018 and will have an effect air travelers.

The REAL ID Act of 2005 sets new requirements and standards for state driver’s licenses and ID cards that will be acceptable in order to board an airplane within the United States, as well as access to nuclear power plants and other federal buildings.  The airline requirement is Phase 4 of the program.  As of this writing, 26 states and territories have already complied with the new requirements, 25 others have filed for an extension, but 5 others have not meet the requirements (Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana and Washington).  To find out if your state is compliant, you can check here.

REAL ID sets up certain standards as to verifying your identity before your ID has been issued, irregardless of whether you currently have a driver’s license or not.  (sound like Extreme Vetting?  So this a requirement for US citizens, but not for refugees or immigrants?…but that’s another topic)  I know in my State of Georgia, they began requiring new documents a few years ago before renewing your current ID or driver’s license.   Each applicant must provide the following: 1) a photo ID or non-photo ID that includes full legal name and birth date. 2) Documentation of birth date. 3) Documentation  of legal status and Social Security number. 4) Documentation showing name and principal residence address.  All of this  documentation will be stored in each DMV database.

Each ID is also required to meet specific security features to prevent duplication, tampering, counterfeiting as well as having data in a machine readable format. (magnetic strip, bar code, QR codes etc). RFID chips, like we now in many of our credit and debit cards, are not required at this point, but it was discussed and may be added at a later date.

The Act also set up the ability to link each states database to be shared both domestically and internationally.  Some have called this a “National Database”, but proponents of the bill claim this as false.  This is not the beginning a national ID system as each state will still be designing and issuing their own ID’s and maintain their own database, claims DHS, but several groups have disputed this claim.

What does this mean for you?

To make this simple, “passengers with a driver’s license issued by a state that is still not compliant with the REAL ID Act (and has not been granted an extension) will need to show an alternative form of acceptable identification for domestic air travel to board their flight”  That is until October 1, 2020 when a REAL ID compliant license or ID will be required.  Children under the age of 18 and when accompanied by an adult, will not be required to meet the requirements at this time.  As for when they are not with an adult is information I could not locate at this time.  Please check with your individual airline, but even though it’s not stated, I’m sure it wouldn’t be required.

This does not mean that you as the passenger has to have a REAL ID license by January 22, but that your state must be in compliance per DHS standards, which essentially means they are in timely progress of implementing the REAL ID program in their respective states.

You should really look up your state’s progress before flying starting next year.  Don’t wait until you get to the airport and realize that you will not be able to board.  There will be probably millions of examples, myself included where your current ID or license may not expire until after January 22, 2017, or even after October 1, 2020. If you fall into this group, you will be required to get a new ID before the October 1, 2020 deadline.

I encourage everyone to read more about this here.

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Some things you may not know about the Flu Vaccine.

I just wanted to throw out some information about our current flu vaccines, and the harmful ingredients they include.


As you can clearly see in the following chart, direct from the Center For Disease Control and Prevention’s  (CDC) own website, the number of doses distributed each year as increased every year since 1980 except for just a few years.  (11 times to be exact). According to the US Population in 1980 was 226,542,199, and 12.4 million doses were distributed that year.  So that’s about 5.4% of the population.  By 2016, the estimated population was 322,762,018 and 146.4 million doses were distributed, 45.3% of the total population.  Over the last 36 years, we’ve gone from 5.4% to 45.3%, which is a huge increase.  That would be a huge return on investment.    Imagine if your income increased that much, or your stocks increase that much in price.  Of course this doesn’t mean that many people received the vaccine, but these drug companies aren’t stupid, they won’t produce and distribute that many, if they didn’t think they would just go to waste.

Does anyone think that the flu has become more common over the last 36 years?  I have never had the flu ever in my 49 years of life, and I’ve never gotten a flu shot….ever.


The huge drop you probably noticed in 2004-2005 was due to license suspension in October 2004 of Chiron Corporation by the United Kingdom’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.  At the time, Chiron was anticipated to supply almost half of the estimated 100 million doses required in the U.S. for the 2004–2005 influenza season.


I highly recommend anyone who intends on getting the flu shot to look at, and read the insert for the ingredients contained in that particular vaccine.  Or any vaccine for that matter, not just the flu vaccine.  The doctor, or medical professional administering the shot should comply with your request.  If not, leave immediately.  Here is a list of several harmful ingredients in the flu shot courtesy of Mike Adams and via


Big Money, Big Pharma:

Vaccines, including the flu vaccine is big business to the pharmaceutical companies.  The top 5 players in the game are Pfizer, Sanofi Aventis, Novartis AG, Merck Company, and GlaxoSmithKline.  By 2018, the estimated revenue is expected to hit $41.85 billion.  From a CNBC on October 19, 2015, the flu vaccine created $1.61 billion in revenue, according to industry researcher IMS Health. Globally, manufacturer CSL estimates the market for influenza vaccines at $4 billion.

As far are your family doctor is concerned, how does he/she make?  Well, this is from Catherine J. Frompovich (A retired natural nutritionist with advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences) in 2013:

Guess how much the vaccine administration fee is? According to Dr. Lander, it should range from $14 to $30.

Dr. Lander uses a hypothetical patient base of 2,000 and explains who may or may not receive the flu vaccine. He contends bottom line and revenue results are $14,000 to $30,000 from only 1,000 patients receiving the flu shot. However, Dr. Lander throws in a financial wild card regarding 100 patients, who called to get a flu shot and then end up scheduling a well visit. According to Lander, a doctor “should be generating an additional $10,000. Bottom line: $25,000 to $42,500, which is not bad!”

$25,000-$42,500 each year…that’s their new car, new boat or their luxory vacation thanks to you.

I cannot stress this enough, but don’t ever get the flu shot.  It will make you sick, potentially give you cancer (which of course you won’t find out until later), lead to Alzheimer’s and/or demensia as well as several other things.  Don’t continue to feed big  pharma your hard earned dollars.





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U.S. Economy to come to a halt March 15, 2017 Due to Debt Ceiling Limit.

From Mac Slavo of

Though many financial pundits make the argument that the U.S. economy is booming as a result of millions of new jobs, a healthy housing market and record stock market levels, former Reagan budget director David Stockman  says that the next few months will see fiscal, financial and economic upheaval.

In a recent interview with Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog, Stockman argues that President Trump’s stimulus packages will be ground to a halt as the U.S. debt ceiling is once again breached in March. The resulting uncertainty could lead to widespread panic on Wall Street.

The trigger, says Stockman, will be a debt ceiling crisis on or around March 15, 2017, which incidentally, just happens to be the same day that the Federal Reserve is supposed to hike interest rates:

In a typical month we have 250 to 300 billion in revenue coming in… that will easily cover the debt service for a month… that will readily cover social security and other critical payments… but when it comes to paying grants to state and local governments, contractors, or the Army Corp of Engineers, or the Pentagon, or a whole range of other activities, if you don’t have the cash you put the bills in the drawer…

I think that is what’s going to shock the system… and it will scare the living bejeezus out of Wall Street and financial markets because then you won’t have a sudden clarification or resolution to the problem.. and that could go on for days and weeks.

This is going to be a maelstrom like we’ve never seen before and the markets are not even remotely prepared for this… Fundamentals don’t matter anymore… nothing is being discounted… it’s all raging robo-machines and day traders thinking that somebody is going to come to their rescue no matter how  absurd the bubble gets or how extended the whole system becomes.

The fall out will be fast and unprecedented in its scale:

There is going to be a recession… and there is going to be no stimulus left to bail it out… and neither Trump or the Wall Street gamblers even remotely understand.

I see [President Trump] as the great disruptor… I don’t see him as someone who is going to bring about a solution… We have to have the system blow up first for all practical purposes… I think he does not yet understand the magnitude of the problem… the incorrigibility of what he’s inherited.

…He doesn’t realize that this problem he is inheriting is a thousand times greater than anything he ever imagined… this is a monster.

Everything leaks and we’re learning in the Trump administration they’re as leak-prone as any I have seen… so it’s all going to leak out… and the stock market…the casino… is going to begin to realize the fact that there is no plan…there is no big fiscal stimulus… the whole system is heading into some kind of crash landing and that’s going to change the manic delusions that are underway today.

But Stockman says that some assets will survive the coming crash, which could see well in excess of 20% drops in stock market prices. Physical assets like gold and silver, including precious metals resource companies, may see prices go to new highs when investors shift to safe haven assets amid the panic:

There is some semblance of rationality left on the edges and corners of financial markets… some people realize that the central banks are out of dry powder… that era of massive money printing is over… In that environment there is going to be a massive reset of financial asset values and the central banks are going to be totally discredited.

There will be a dash for the only solid monetary asset left in the world, which is gold… The gold market is tiny compared to the size of the financial system… It only will take a small shift into the asset of last resort to make the price of gold really start to soar.

The best thing to do is be patient and be long gold… it will pay off handsomely when the crisis really intensifies and hits ground zero.


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Georgia and Southeast Running Out of Gas Following a Pipeline Spill in Alabama

After a pipeline began leaking in Alabama last week, the supply of gas to most of the Southeast United States, including Georgia is running out of gas, and unsure of when the next shipment is coming.

I just returned from a 2 hour trip to local gas stations within a few miles of me, and of the 8 places I checked, 4 places are already out of gas, 2 places only had regular unleaded, and the other 2 still had gas with increased prices.  The standard rate for regular unleaded at all 4 places was $2.39 per gallon, compared to $2.22 that I paid yesterday, that’s and increase of $.17 in the last 24 hours.  Yesterday on the local news, they said not to worry about, it’s not a big deal, and now today this is happening.  Even one of Georgia’s largest and most popular stations, QT is out of gas.


It has also been reported to me that gas is hard to find in Nashville,

and price gouging in Jasper, GA, of which I have not vetted yet and still waiting confirmation of.

It has also been reported to me from a friend in Asheville, NC that they are limiting purchases to a maximum of $20.

The local Kroger Gas station near me was out of gas at one point today and received a shipment of 10,000 gallons around 5:00 pm today and as of 8:00 pm, they had 5,000 gallons left.  Based on traffic, they expect to be sold out by the time they close at 11 pm.  When I asked the attendant as to when they expected another shipment, all I got was a shoulder shrug.

This will be a true test of Georgians and Americans to see how they react to a “catastrophe” that they are not prepared for.  Will violence erupt in the fight for gas?  It surely will.  Road rage at the gas station.  Will schools close?  Probably…no gas to put in the buses…parents have to stay home, even if they had gas to get to work.  Does the police force have enough gas to patrol the streets?  Ambulance and Fire? What happens when none of these cannot operate?  Think about it.  Prepare.  Prepare.  Prepare.


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Dakota Access Pipeline: What You’re Not Being Told

When protesters in North Dakota were attacked by pepper spray and attack dogs over Labor Day weekend, many mainstream media outlets reported on it, but afterwards, there has been very little, if any coverage on what is actually going on in Western North Dakota.  I had the opportunity to communicate with Leili Crows Heart over the past several days, and she shared with me some several important pieces of insider information in which I am about to share.

If you are unaware of any of this, lets start with some background.  The Dakota Access Pipeline is an oil pipeline which starts in the Bakken and Three Forks regions of North Dakota and is planned to also run through South Dakota, Iowa and eventually link up with an existing line in Illinois. It will run for approximately 1,172 miles in a 30 inch diameter pipeline that will carry 470,000 to 570,000 barrels of oil per day.  The project is an estimated $3.78 billion investment that will create 8,000 – 12,000 jobs during construction.

For more background, you can check their official facts page here:

Click to access DAPL_FactSheet33-8_09_16.pdf

Over Labor Day weekend, Democracy Now put out a video showing contracted security teams pepper spraying and using attack dogs on  protesters attempting to stop construction on the pipeline near the Standing Rock Sioux’s historical ancestry burial grounds.  The video was highly edited it seemed, and didn’t really show the entire truth, but it did still an outrage on social media.  Some reports indicated the the protesters trespassed on land owned by the Army Corps of Engineers, and this is why the security team was used and arrests were made.  Even Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman was issued an arrest warrant for covering the story.

Leili Crows Heart is a member of The Affiliated Tribes, which consists of the Mandans, Hidatsa and Arikara, located on the Ft. Berthold Reservation which is divided into 5 segments due to construction back in 1953 of the Garrison Dam.  When this dam was built, it divided the tribes and physically separated them from each other.  With this new activity at Standing Rock, the tribes are coming back together.  Leili was able to tell me that there are currently 260 tribes at Standing Rock at the camp.  During, and right after the attack dog incident, Leili and others started to notice that several of their Facebook posts were being deleted after they were shared.  They were trying to reach out to anyone who would listen, but perhaps Facebook didn’t want anyone to hear.  Upon my first look at her Facebook page, I was shocked at how little information that was actually there, and she told me she used to have a lot more, and she had to keep re-posting the same thing several times as it kept being deleted.  Keep in mind, that cell phone coverage is very poor, or unavailable in this remote part of North Dakota, which makes it difficult for anyone to get news out in a timely manner.

I asked her about local news coverage, and she replied as, “We watch the news waiting to see if there is any actual truth getting out.  But no. Just the sheriff telling outright lies.  Everyone believes him because ND is a racist as f..k state!”  As far as any national news scene, she informed me that she has only witnessed Democracy Now and Nat Geo.  She along with others have been trying to get this news out there, but no one seems to be listening. “Standing Rock needs to be on the national news.  They need to be heard and seen that they are peaceful PROTECTORS of the land.  They pray and sing in prayer all day everyday.  Elders and children alike.”

The area that was being worked on the day of the incident, wasn’t even supposed to happening.  It has been reported that this particular area was on Army Corps of Engineers land, when in fact it was on private property.  It was part of the scheduled route, but previously they had been working about 1 1/2 miles away.  On this day, they moved the bulldozers to this area and upon hearing the noise of the machines, people started to ascend onto the area to get them to stop.  Wouldn’t you be upset to discover this going on if you were in their place?

Why did they pick this area to bulldoze that day?  Here is where it get interesting.  The landowner noticed some previously unknown rock cairns (a pile of rocks set up as a landmark) and had notified the tribe.  Upon the tribe investigating the area, they notified the state, who decided to halt the digging until more information could be gathered and get surveying done to discover the expanse of the burial site area.  It was the very next day that they moved the bulldozers and starting working in the area, again moving their equipment 1 and a half miles from their last work area.  This is the reason for the controversy.  According to Leili, they bulldozed right away in order to hide and destroy their ancestors and sacred burial sites.  The protesters were only trying to protect these sites and artifacts and were not out there to incite a riot.  They didn’t fight, just defended.

“We’re worried about the planet.  DAPL is worried about making money no matter what it destroys.  That’s what the government/corporation is doing.  They are going to suck the last breath of life from our mother earth if we don’t stop them.  We’re worried about the planet!” Leila told me.

As far as the people being arrested for trespassing, Leila told me that the land owner had granted permission for them to be there, so I expect the charges to be dropped eventually, including the charge for Amy Goodman.

All work has been supposedly been halted, but the tensions have not.

Please share this as they need a voice, and no one is listening.

Here are some other people out in the area who are posting daily, if not more frequently if you would like more information.

On Facebook:  Waniya Locke, We Are The Media , Indigenous Americans, Linda Black Elk


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