Magnets and Metal Sticking to Beef, Poultry and Even Humans. What’s Happening Here?

In recent weeks and months there have been several videos circulating on the internet of magnets sticking to people’s shoulders where they have received the COVID-19 Vaccination. I hesitate even using the word, vaccination because that’s not really what it is, but I’ll leave that for a different discussion. I’m sure most everyone has either seen one of these videos, or heard about them.

There is now new evidence of both magnets and metal objects sticking to beef, chicken, turkey and even human beings.

I first heard about this last week when a friend of mine sent me a video of her testing this, and she was able to get a magnet to stick to some chicken breast tenderloin. I had previously never heard about this and I was blown away by what I had seen. This intrigued me enough to begin researching the subject and soon discovered several other videos thru Twitter and other sites of other people doing the exact same thing.

Here is a quick video compilation of what I was initially able to find:

Since then, I have been trying magnets on everything when I go to the grocery store. Sometimes I get the magnet to stick, sometimes it doesn’t. This past Friday I decided to check some Kroger brand Simple Truth Turkey Breast that I had in my own refrigerator. Sure enough, I was able to get the magnet to stick to it. Here’s that video:

Thru posting of these videos, I began to receive other information from people that not only are magnets sticking to meat etc, but also to people. And not just at the injection site of their “Jab”

I do want to make this next point very clear. Neither I, nor my wife have gotten the jab, and we never will. I was sitting out in my garage yesterday morning and she walked out to show me that a magnet was sticking to her chest. What the heck?

Ok. Now this is really getting interesting so I had to investigate further and this is the additional video:

Going further, I decided to try it on myself. I couldn’t get a magnet to stick to me, but I was able to get a metal key to stick to my forehead. It wouldn’t stick anyplace else, just my forehead. Why would a piece of metal stick to my head?

I don’t understand this. I have some ideas, but no real clear answers. Has this always been a thing with magnets and metal sticking to people, or is this all new? I’ll get to more of that later.

My wife decided to try it on herself and sure enough, it worked on her too. She also explains her theory in this next video:

It appears they have used a process called, Magnetofection which uses magnetic nanoparticles for efficient gene delivery.

Graphical abstract

Magnetofection promotes every gene delivery precess. And magnetic nanoparticles provide associated synergistic effects for therapeutic treatment.

In this link, Dr. Jane Ruby discusses this process:

I’m still not quite sure what to make of all this yet, but one thing seems clear to me…there are people…call them whatever term you want, Globalists, transhumanists, eugenicists etc…but they want you and me, dead. The useless eaters. There’s a reason that the Georgia Guidestones calls for keeping the global population under 500,000,000.

Let me know what you think. Things are about to get really real.

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4 Responses to Magnets and Metal Sticking to Beef, Poultry and Even Humans. What’s Happening Here?

  1. Cj says:

    Ya, live in northern California. Placed my refridge magnets up to my beef and poultry and they were sticking. Makes one wonder? Can’t be too healthy. Word is that a large Asian country owns two of our major food processing plants here in the US. Wonder if they’re unintentionally . . putting magnetized products into their food items. Once 5G kicks in, wonder if magnetized foods will make us vulnerable, radiating ‘zombies’ if we’ve ingested this stuff ?


  2. Anonymous says:

    I gave my neighbor and her mom a ride they both had the pfizer shots 1 and 2 now I have massive headaches, irregular bleeding, bruising on my legs, and now my whole forehead and chest is magnetic, and I feel like I am dying

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    • Chelsea says:

      There is help for this if you are open. Alfalfa detox bath is one thing. Call Get Healthy in Rockwall Texas for help. I got this there.


  3. David says:

    I like your closing sentence, but I’ll just say things are already really real. We are in trouble and their is only one solution. It’s time to face up to the fact we are in it. The (only) hope lies in true repentance and turning to God with a whole heart. It’s time to get used to not being part of this world.


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