4 Easy Ways to Donate to Joe Biggs

Joe Biggs is still currently in trial and is facing up to 20+ years in prison for charges filed against him for actions related to the events at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. Even though the trial is ongoing, Joe still needs financial help in many ways. In this post I’ll attempt to explain how he needs help, and how you can aid him.

  1. Joe needs to get himself a laptop that has the global discovery already loaded onto the hard drive. With this laptop, Joe can finally view the discovery, or evidence that the government is trying to use against him. For most of the last 2 years, Joe has not been able to view most of this information due to many factors including the jails using COVID protocols to prevent detainees from getting access to this information. The other 4 defendants in this case already have their laptops, and Joe is currently having to share Dominic Pezzola’s laptop.


Donate to Joe’s GiveSendGo account so his attorney’s can acquire this laptop. It’s a very simple process and you can remain anonymous. That page can be found at: GiveSendGo.com/SSGBDF

2. Mr. Biggs also needs to be able to hire an assistant to help him go thru the above mentioned discovery. This would be a person assigned just to him, and to sit with him while in court reviewing the information provided. This would allow Joe to point this out what he sees, and only he can remember about what was happening at certain times, and certain situations that the government is trying to use against him. This way when these situations are brought up in court by the prosecution, Joe would have the opportunity to have already passed his knowledge onto his attorney’s and it’s teed up and ready to go when it’s their turn either at cross examination, or their turn to present his defense.


Same as section 1. Donate to his GiveSendGo. This will allow enough money for the attorney’s to be able to hire someone to sit with Joe everyday while in court.

3. Phone/Internet/Communications

Joe currently has access to a tablet while in solitary confinement at the Alexandria Detention Center. Through this tablet, he can make phone calls, send and receive e-messages, receive photos, receive short 30 second videos, and watch movies etc. All of this, of course costs money, and it isn’t cheap. To send an e-message to Joe costs about $.50 each. This doesn’t sound like a lot, but it really adds up over time. This is Joe’s main source of communication to the outside world. Phone calls are about $.20 per minute. Again, this doesn’t sound like a lot, but a quick 10 minute phone call would end up costing $2.00. Just take a moment and think about this. What do you think your cell phone bill would like every month if you were charged $.50 per email, $.20 per minute on phone calls, and then add in a cost per text message like back in “the old days?”


Joe’s tablet uses a service called, Securus that’s loaded onto it. Through Securus is how he’s able to do these things, and communicate to others on the outside. Anyone can either download the Securus app either through the App Store or Google Play. It’s a free app. Or you can go to: Securustech.online Once there, you’d have to create an account as usual. Once the account is created, you can then start working the system. To send Joe an e-message, you’d first have to purchase “Stamps” You can spend as little as $2.50 for 5 stamps or up to $25 for 50 stamps. (Remember, each e-message is 1 stamp, or $.50 each) Then you have to search for Joseph Biggs and add him as a contact.

If you don’t want to send or receive e-messages from Joe, but just wish to fund him in doing so, or to use any other other services he has has access to, then you’d select:

SECURUS DEBIT. This would directly add funds to Joe’s account for him to use.

Steps, select Securus Debit. There are 4 search parameters:

First Name: Joseph

Last Name: Biggs

State: VA

Facility Name: Alexandria Detention Center

This should populate his contact with inmate ID number 279495

Select and proceed with the standard adding of your billing information. There is a fee for this…or course there’s always a fee. Done.

4. Commissary

One of the only ways that a lot of these guys are getting by, is by being able to purchase additional food items through the jails commissary program. Alexandria Detention Center uses a system called, Access Corrections. AccessCorrections.com Through here, you can fund his commissary account so that he can use that money to purchase these additional items. It’s not just limited to food, but toothpaste, shoes, clothing etc.

The process here is pretty straight forward once you get to the website.

Create an account.

Select Secure Deposit

Search for Joseph Biggs. Inmate number: 279495

Add funds. Once again, there is a fee for doing this.

In conclusion, even though Joe is already in trial, he is still badly in need of funds for all of these areas, and I have laid out the several different options as to how you can contribute.

Thank you for reading, and I pray and hope that you can help Joe.

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