Local Atlanta news station talking about the “Contrails” in the sky

This is from January 10, 2015 on WSB -TV in Atlanta, Georgia. Notice how the weather person remarks about all of the contrails in the sky this day, and her explanation for them. Does she really believe this, or this is what she was told to say?

I can’t tell if her little laugh is because she can’t believe she’s actually saying it, or she’s laughing at the people who believe it?

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1 Response to Local Atlanta news station talking about the “Contrails” in the sky

  1. madcat says:

    The metals and poisonous stuff coming out of those jets (geo-engineering) controls the weather. They can either make sure it rains or that it does not……. Anyone who doesn’t belieive that our weather is being controlled neeeds to educate themselves on the subject of geo-engineering. I was watching the night this happened. I had seen the sky COVERED in ‘chem trails’…. obviously there are a lot of people who never ‘look up’ and if they do, they do not have the brain capacity to wonder about what the heck all those lines are in the sky. Do that many people REALLY pass this stuff off as ‘con trails’ from normal planes? If so, it would be yet another sign of the success of the criminals who are running everything, as far as their plan to make everyone stupid…..thru various methods…….. mostly chemicals…the air you breathe, the food you eat and the water you drink. Few seem curious enough to even ponder what the heck is in the air we are breathing, falling prey to the lies that ‘we the people’ are responsible for the negative changes in the climate. Whereas true that it is definitely caused by humans, it is not being caused by those of us who are just living our day to day lives. Unless you’re one who is up there spraying that crap in the sky. So often they seem to make those ‘tic tac toe’ patterns…… I would laugh so hard if one day they actually flew around up there and actually played the game. LOL Well they do make ‘X’s but never in the tic tac toe grid they created. I laughed at this news cast. I rewound it and watched it 4 times. I couldn’t believe she even made mention of it is any way. Purposefully deceptive or ignorant? Hard to say. On the other hand, she is a meteorologist. They KNOW about geo-engineering and what it is and what it can do. I have never heard a meteoroligist discuss the lines in the sky in ANY way shape or form……… they simply do not get mentioned. Period. So I found this really ‘odd’. And now I ponder the question: Was it done intentionally due to the fact that there is a geo-engineering protest taking place on Jan 26th right here in Atlanta? Things that make you go ‘HMMM??????????’ Is it to make all of us whom are actually INFORMED about geo-engineering look stupid? Research the subject. You’ll find out who’s been conned….and you’ll be ashamed you didn’t feel the need to look into the subject before. Happy learning.


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