Uber pickups at ATL Airport, Big Gov Stepping In

Here is a short video I made regarding a news story I just saw on WSB here in Atlanta.

A little background on this first:

Currently it is legal for Uber/Lyft to drop off at the airport, but NOT for pickups…even though it happens all the time.

Atlanta City council is trying to decide on the rules to make pickups legal.

Taxi drivers want Uber/Lyft drivers to get a fingerprint background check (Like they claim they have to) to make pickups.  Uber disagrees.  Currently there are only 2 cities that require Uber drivers to do fingerprints, (NY and San Antonio)

For this councilman coming up in the video to say that we need to find a way to make a “Level playing field for taxi drivers” is ridiculous!  Let the free market decide who survives and who dies off.  That’s the way it’s supposed to work.  Enough of big government deciding who wins and who loses.  Let the consumers decide.  The taxi world is coming to an end because you’re business model is failing.  Change with the times, or end with the times. Why do we have to make someone else weaker to make you stronger?  #Idiot

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2 Responses to Uber pickups at ATL Airport, Big Gov Stepping In

  1. Anonymous says:

    And I must point out, to receive a GA driver’s license, you do have to submit a thump print, so technically they already have it on file. Get over yourselves taxi drivers.


  2. madcat says:

    ‘Level the playing field’.Translation; our government wants to turn COMMUNIST! Maybe the average individual doesn;t even know how to define ‘communism’.So for clarification; Communism is when governement runs/controls all businesses. This is WHY people who are ‘AWAKE’ and understand what communism is, get upset with OVER REGULATION!. The more government bodies are able to regulate businesses and business practices.the closer we get to COMMUNISM. Everytime I hear that phrase ‘level the playing field’ it makes me want to scream this government of ours seems to want no ‘success’ created by any given business.they seem to want all businesses to be ‘sub par’…. And no wonder consumers are wondering why customer service and the days of when ‘the customer is always right’ have totally seemed to vanish into thin air. If their is one thing i can say, as far as ‘hope for the future’ goes. the ‘millennials’ as the media likes to refer to them as…. well the millennials are SICK of spending their dollars on the JUNK and sub par goods and services we receive. .. they are as fed up with it all as much as anyone… So..once they realize it is our very government responsible for this ‘disposable goods’ and ‘sub par service’ economy we are forced to live in….. they will be outraged and get on board with us who already know what is going on. How about the taxi industry having to make themselves more appealing to stay in business… it’s called ‘competition’. if you’re being beat out by your competition.CHANGE accordingly….try implementing some things that are making your competition more successful than you are. And if anyone used to take a taxi on a regular basis…. you know the changes could be easily implemented and cost next to no money/if any. I like that UBER and LYFT have standards and criteria that has to be met… obviously alot of people do.which is why they are so successful. Why is it that everything that is good is now considered bad and everything that is bad is now good. Our government is the perfect example of how TRUTH is now bad and LIES and DECEIT are now good…..but I digress….. Taxi owners/drivers.. whining cuz someone is doing better than they are.whining about how it ‘isn’t fair’.Hey.maybe your momma never told ya ( So i will) LIFE ISN’T FAIR! GET OVER IT!


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