Geoengineering causes Polar Vortex and drought in California.

People keep wondering why we have a drought in California, and how come we keep getting all these “Polar Votex’s” in the central United States. Well, I’m about to fill you in, some with my words, and I will link to a couple of videos. The first one shows how the geoengineering trails off of the west coast along with a HAARP stream shoots the jet stream north towards Alaska and keeps storms from heading to California. Once the jet stream reaching Alaska (where HAARP is by the way), in makes a sharp descend back down the the central US causing extreme cold throughout the majority of the country all the way down to the southern states. Once it heads south, an “anomaly” in northwest Texas causes the jet stream to head back towards the northeast bringing extreme snow fall and/or rain.

Take a look at it…it not that long. I also encourage you….if you want to learn more to subscribe to this YouTube channel.

The second video, which is a but longer, is an excellent speech by Dan Wigington, who is one of the leaders in trying to inform others regarding geoengineering. There’s really nothing to see in this video, so it’s perfect to listen to as your sitting at your desk at work, at home or while in the car.

Mr Wigington discusses several aspects of the geoengineering landscape. There can be no deniers that this is happening because it is. I could site several government documents admitting to it, but of course if you ask them….it’s people who cause the climate change, or global warming or whatever they are calling it these days…

Happy viewing….

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1 Response to Geoengineering causes Polar Vortex and drought in California.

  1. madcat says:

    Russia ,Japn and Iran have all accussed the US of using a ‘weather machine’ or accussed us of engaging in ‘weather warfare’ They aren’t wingnuts for making this accusation. It’s the truth. Look up/search for info about ‘Operation Popeye’ and you’ll see what I’m talking about here. These accusations have also gone hand in hand with the accusations that we ahve created/caused earthquakes. Check out this link, there’s some ‘over the top /make you laugh info contained within it but there’s also information of REAL value. As for the claim that we are able to produce earthquakes or rather that we possess ‘ tectonic weapons’ Well you really have to research the HAARP Project and learn about what this technology is capable of doing and what it’s uses actually are. The fact about all the amazing technology we have in this day and age is that it can be used for both good and bad purposes. It’s much like comparing a law abiding citizen owning a gun and a criminal owning a gun. This technology, in the wrong hands, with people in control of the technology with the wrong ideals isn;t a good thing. Monsanto is in control of HARRP now, and personally, Monsanto should’ve just stuck to making Round Up.,I urge anyone who wants to truly undersdtand what is going on with the weather and our food and water supply to reseacrh all information you can find on Monsanto. They’re criminals . HAARP is amazing technology being used for the wrong purposes. It is ,by definition, ‘Tesla’ technology. (Nikola Tesla = FREE limitless GREEN energy) So if they were truly seriosu about the big push for GREEN energy.they already have the answer. Thsi all simply comes down to people not being taught and being uninformed. I ‘woke up’ simply by chance. My own curiosity about HAARP. …and that one thing just exploded into more and more subjects,,like Project Bluebeam … all this stuff is linked and works together. It’s truly amazing technology, it’s just in the wrong hands……


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