AT&T to charge to keep your privacy…

I knew about this story when AT&T announce GigaPower, and this story is right on point.  I will refrain from comment since I may or may not have a relationship with AT&T.

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1 Response to AT&T to charge to keep your privacy…

  1. madcat says:

    In my personal opinion. It should actually work just the opposite of how it is set up to work. Since ‘when’ did one have to begin to start paying for their privacy? Companies USED TO pay you for such a service. Why do you think businesses leave their ‘free pens’ right there for you to swipe. It’s free advertising. Brnad names on anything, whether a consumer product or a clothing label. You’re a freaking walking billboard advertising for whatever company logo you have plastered across your behind or on the front of your chest. The car you drive.all of it.. one huge ‘brand name ‘ society. I am not that particular about what brand name may be on anything. All I care about is if it is a good buy for the buck..will it do what I need it to do and will it last. that’s pretty much it. And ofcourse there is a certain amount of ‘personal’ like and dislike involved. I don’t want to drive a vehicle that looks like the vehicles I was drawing at age 3 or 4. Seriously, those boxy cars, did we all not have the idea for that design long before we ever knew what a ‘patent’ for an idea was? We have been ripped off here. We should sue. (laugh) I don’t personally want an article of clothing that looks like the bag of M&M’s was run over by previously mentioned square vehicle..but that may be someone else’s thing.

    I am one who is personally agitated by unwanted solicitations. If I am in need of something.I’ll let you know. if I need a service, I’ll seek it out for myself. I hate those stores that you walk into and the employees swarm on you like honey bees to flowers. (I opted to use a polite analogy here) I just hate that. Major turn off. Leave me alone. ‘YES!’ for the 60th time ‘I have been helped!’… they surround you and follow you around as if just ‘hoping’ you may find their presence of some practical use to you. It is all I can do to not pretend to pounce at them… ya know, like you do when you’re playing with a cat or a dog. It’d probably get you arrested.It would be considered ‘terrorism’ or somehow threatening behavior. So I typically just simply leave those types of stores. But the internet? That’s a whole new ball game isn’t it? We’re already tracked to the hilt. Funny how you can visit a page looking up a food recipe and ofcourse that page has ‘ads’ on it that you pay no attention to….well not at the time, anyways. So just as an example. there might be an ad on this recipe site for the latest ‘magic diet pill’, and perhaps some ‘high blood pressure medication’ and maybe something completely unrelated like ‘a home re-fi program’. you ignore it all. you found your recipe. and what happens after you leave that site? your spam folder fills up with all kinds of crap related to those ads you had ‘ignored’ . Google tracks the heck out of you. It’s the biggest strategy for advertising dolalrs that there is. Option, right now. Just ignore it. learn to love your ‘delete’ button. Obviously you are going to have to learn to love using it even more. I don;t know what the deal is. We’re all nothing but potential dollars to any given company and it’s success or lack thereof. You are a CONSUMER. that is the only value you truly have to them. Everyone competing for your money, convincing you that their product is the one you must have and will never be able to live without. And if you don;t buy this particular have no chance of ever being ‘cool’. I hope no one falls for this ‘great savings deal’ they are offering up. ‘pay for your privacy’. that’s just a scam. everywhere you go there is a camera, some form of technology that is tracking you.your car, your gadgets, your smart TV’s. When will people say ENOUGH! ?I can answer that myself for you. They won’t. until it is too late. . Everyone claims they don;t have anything to ‘hide’ so what is the big deal?…. Sad that these sheeple have no idea , cannot grasp just where this is all heading.. total control. because all the money just isn;t enough….they already have all of that (globalists).. now they want to control all of the people…. It’s like watching a really bad game of chess…… Stop being a PAWN!


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